We’ve contacted a first tier of American vendors we feel sure could profit from utilizing the www.hydrangea.com domain to build their hydrangea brand(s). We'll follow up with other growers outside the U.S. shortly.

We feel it’s doubtful that any of our mail order or retail customers are candidates to purchase www.hydrangea.com, but stranger things do happen.

So, if you are seeking to grow a hydrangea-related business on the internet, this is a one-time chance to buy the single word domain name: www.hydrangea.com.

Price: $585,000.

To be clear what’s for sale is just the Uniform Resource Locator (URL): not our website, not our customer list, not our inventory, our real estate, business or good will – just the link that www.hydrangea.com will drive hydrangea lovers to the purchaser’s web site.

See the contact info on our home page if you have an interest.

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