Normally we ship from Sep 1st to Dec 1st and from Feb 1st to June 1st. We suspend shipping during December & January and the hottest months of summer: June, July & August. You may order at any time, but we will only ship your order during the months listed above.





Evergreen Dogwood (Cornus elliptica)

Here's a table of our current shipping & handling charges which is subject to change at any time.  The "Greater Than" and "Less Than" columns refer to the total cost of the plants ordered.   The default is by UPS Ground. .


Greater Than And Less Than Shipping Price
$0.01 $40.01 $18.00
$40.00 $50.01 $19.00
$50.00 $60.01 $20.00
$60.00 $70.01 $22.00
$70.00 $100.01 $24.00
$100.00 $150.01 32.00
$150.00 $250.01 45.00
$250.00 $1500.01 85.00



We do not currently ship outside the 48 contiguous states.

Our Guarantee

 We guarantee our plants to be true to name and will replace or refund (our choice) any that prove otherwise.  In no event shall we be liable for more than the purchase price of the plant(s), exclusive of any shipping and handling charges..
 Our responsibility is to provide you with healthy plants that are true to name.  Your responsibility is to care for them after purchase.  If we fail in providing healthy plants, please let us know so that we can correct our mistake.  Please do this within 30 days of receipt.  If, thereafter, the plant dies under your care, we cannot accept responsibility since we have absolutely no control over the events and conditions at your locale.

To learn about the size of the plants we sell, click here.

f you garden in USDA Zone 7 or warmer, you are blessed to be able to plant during any decent weather throughout the winter months.  In fact, fall planting is best for your zone for most plants.  For our customers in zones 6 & colder, any fall planting you do should be done in earliest fall (September).  Otherwise, hold off until spring arrives in your garden (when the chance of a late frost is past). There are benefits & burdens for all gardeners regardless their zone. 

We normally ship only on Monday & Tuesday in order that the shipment arrive the same week. If you do not say otherwise we will ship your order as soon as possible if it’s received during our two shipping seasons (Sep-Nov and Feb-May). That generally means the next business week unless weather is problematic or we are in peak spring or fall season when we process orders as fast as our feet can fly in which case it usually ships the following week.

Note: Credit card orders are charged at the time the order is received in order to reserve the plants requested . If you do not want your card charged until a later time of shipment, please contact us with this request. We will comply, but your order will be filled from available inventory at time of shipment.

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