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Absolutely Thrilled with Lavender!

First, lavender arrived in a super packaging presentation. All were healthy and beautiful and the box smelled good as I opened it. I had plated them in the containers with potting soil, and they are thriving! I did water the plants at the beginning of their arrival. Not only did these grow they bloomed!!!! I am so happy!!! They did awesome. I would highly recommend the Hidcote Lavender from “The Great Garden Plants to anyone”!

Spotty leaves are a great touch to my flower bed

This has acclimated well and growing well. I can't wait until Spring for the blooms it will produce!

Great customer service

I placed an order for Potentilla plants. Shipping was delayed due to Fed Ex error and the plants arrived dried out and dead looking. I sent pictures and tracking information to Great Garden Plants and they responded immediately asking if I wanted new plants or a refund. My new plants were shipped out promptly. The error was not theirs but they made sure that I was satisfied with my purchase. New plants arrived without issue and look great!

Great customer service!

I ordered the Black Cat pussywillow and unfortunately, the first one came too dried out to survive. I contacted Customer Service and they sent me out another one right away. It's doing very well, and I look forward to watching it grow!

It is dying

It is dying

Great customer service!

I ordered some plants and Fed-Ex somehow lost my package. Great Garden Plants immediately sent out new plants. I appreciate the promptness without any drama from this company. The plants were nice as well. Great customer service!!

Never even got my plant!!!

If I could give 0 stars I would.... tried twice to get this plant and still never got it. I do not if its fedex or the people that work at this place. Something is definitely wrong for me to never receive my plant.

Sonic Bloom® Pink Weigela

We have planted the flowers and they are looking healthy but no blooms yet. We may have to wait until next year. Can’t wait!

Excellent after sale service

Email them about a plant that was purchased last year. Was not sure I received the correct plant. Without asking much question Great Garden sent another plant as a replacement. The little one is thriving now in my yard. Looking forward to beautiful blooms. Thanks so much!

Aggressive Ground Covering

Arrived in great shape. Thriving in full sun spreading and blossoming nicely.

Great Plant Coverings

Thriving plants in mixed sun/shade environment. Pleased with spreading and flowering.

Starlings ate it up

Cannot review it as a person. However, Starlings gave it a rave review devouring the young plants within days of being planted to the point the plants were not to be found.

Looks good!

The plant arrived in pretty good shape. Packaging was very adequate. The plant was good size. It’s only been planted for a week and is coming along. I have a hosta collection and this is a nice addition. Most of mine are big and this one is smaller which gives my yard variety. Would def buy from this company again.


Pollinators love it!

I received this plant in April and it has grown considerably and is in full bloom. There have been plenty of bees and wasps visiting the flowers all day long. I may need to relocate this plant in late summer/early Fall to a different area to give it more room for future blooming. My grandkids are skittish about bees and the like, so I am thinking I will move it to a location outside the more common areas of the garden. So far, deer have not feasted upon it, so I hope they do not bother it in the new location. Unfortunately, I think the wasps are keeping the hummingbirds away from this plant.

Love these

I have ordered several of these plants and have been very pleased with their hardiness and growth. Best of all, the deer have never bothered them and I have herds that pass through our yard. I have one bush planted in front of a window in my DR and I just love to see it in bloom. I have three that are over 4 feet tall now, and I have several that I planted this year and look forward to seeing them grow like the others. Low maintenance, too. I love the color of these. I think the first two years the older bushes were a little slow to grow, but then they shot up. The ones I received this year, I planted in containers so they would continue to grow and I will relocate as soon as the landscaping bed in the front of our home is completed in August.

Jack of Diamonds Bugloss

These are some of my most prized additions to my shade garden this summer. They’re super cute plants..low growing with big leaves. They arrived quickly and well packaged. I followed their instructions for care and planting and I’ve not been disappointed. This is my first time ordering plants online and it was a great experience. I’ll order again without hesitation.

Palace Purple Coral Bells

I bought 4 of these and they arrived carefully packed and looked very healthy from the get go. They add color and texture interest to my garden and I’m happy that’s it’s hardy enough and will not need a lot fussing over.


Plants arrived in great condition- and they are doing great so far! Doubled in size from the day I planted (been about a month). Can’t wait to watch them grow!

Good plant!

Plant was good after transplanting. Very happy!!

Completely Dried Hydrangea

The hydrangea was delivered with the soil spilling out of the pot. The roots were exposed, and the hydrangea was completely dried. I still water every day, but no sign of life.

Healthy plant!

I love my new hydrangea. It arrived in perfect condition, well boxed and protected. I have ordered several plants in the past from this company and will continue to order from Great Garden Plants. Always very happy with my purchases!

so far kodiakred is great


I’d been on the hunt for this gem since it came out. Elderberry are so easy to care for and this one came in stellar. Yes it’s a small plant but these guys grow so quick!!! Can’t wait for it to fill in over the next couple years