Pink Jasmine - trade gallon
Pink Jasmine - trade gallon Another twiner or scrambler for the warmer zones (8 -10), Jasminum x stephanense is a hybrid of Bee’s jasmine & Poet’s jasmine (to bee or not to bee. . .) with fragrant, light pink flowers throughout summer. Like its parents, it is a vigorous plant where happy and can take up a lot of room. In our case we have it confined to a large display pot which we can scoot into protection during the coldest nights of winter. That also allows us to restrain its enthusiastic growing. Deciduous.

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Poet’s Jasmine - trade gallon
Jasminum officinale will act like a vine if given a trellis although it could be left alone to become an unruly tangle on the ground. Your choice. Prized for its highly fragrant, white flowers in late spring it is semi-evergreen. Commonly found in gardens throughout England. Listed as doubtfully hardy in Zone 8, it has survived here to 0 degrees although it was killed to the ground and had to re-sprout from the roots. The great English plantsman, Graham Stuart Thomas, wrote: "It flowers most freely when allowed to grow most freely, but it can take up a lot of room." Forewarned. Zones 8 - 10.
Jasminum beesianum - trade gallon
Another one of the "oldies but goodies" we use to grow (not as Elizabeth clarifies "use to sell" - because it was rarely bought). But my dabbling propagation efforts escapes the hydrangea genus and so. . . This is native to China and sprawls in a mass array of "semi-climbing green shoots" (Graham Stuart Thomas). Dark green leaves and small trumpet-flowers in threes at the leaf-axil that are pinkish. It is sweetly scented and suitable for zones (7?)8 - 10. Height is determined by how well trained onto a supporting structure it is. A quick grow in a warm site.
For a much different opinion here’s a quotation from a gardener in the U.K.: "those who describe Jasminum beesianum as a must-have with scented red flowers should be strung up by the thumbs. Only when it has legged-it messily up to the gutters will it produce a few deeply insignificant flowers the size of pin heads whose scent is practically indiscernible."
Roll of the dice. Maybe that’s why we never sold many!
Madison Star Jasmine - 3 qt
Trachelospermum jasminoides ’Madison’ is an evergreen broadleaf vine that produces intensely fragrant, white star flowers in late spring or early summer. The fragrance is enchanting and made Dr. Dirr remark over lunch years past on a visit to Athens "never did a cheeseburger taste (and smell) so delectable." This clone ’Madison’ is somewhat more cold hardy than the species and was introduced by Jane Symmes at Cedar Lane Farms (in Madison, GA) for which we should all give thanks. It can be used as a vine or a ground cover. Partial shade is best but it will do in full sun if in a happy site which includes good soil, well drained, out of harsh winds. Zones 7-10. Killed back to roots winter of 2013-2014 when we had a low temperature of -1 degrees. Has re-sprouted and is doing fine. Additional images courtesy of Raulston Arboretum.
October 14, 2019
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