Hydrangea quercifolia  'Snowflake'. Goodly number should be ready for fall shipping. [Photo is this late July aging bloom on one of the 40+ mature stock plants we maintain along the road to the 1860's mill seen in the background]. To date (beginning of August) we've stuck & rooted more than 400 more 'Snowflake' and if we can overwinter them we should have a fine crop next year. We are the premier mail-order source for 'Snowflake' oakleaf. Another way to find us is www.snowflakehydangea.com.

   Although we are now done with our Spring Open Days remember we always are open by appointment. A call or an email can make it happen.

  Reminder: we suspend mail order shipping during the hot summer months of June, July & August.


  Please contact us at (770) 463-2400 or edean007@gmail.com should you wish to arrange a visit to the nursery.

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