5 New Hydrangeas For Your Garden or Patio

Are you looking for something a little new and unexpected for your hydrangea garden? Create a garden oasis, deck out a patio, or build a privacy hedge with these new hydrangeas. Here, we’re spotlighting a selection of exciting hydrangea varieties that promise to push the boundaries of color, form, and functionality. From compact charmers to heat-tolerant beauties, discover the perfect new addition to your garden and keep your summer landscapes bursting with color!

Pink hydrangea flowers near a garden hose

Wee Bit Innocent™ Bigleaf Hydrangea

Don't be deceived by its name – Wee Bit Innocent™ bigleaf hydrangea delivers big blooms in a small package! This delightful reblooming hydrangea is a dream come true for people with small gardens. Imagine a charming shrub overflowing with soft pink double florets, held aloft by sturdy stems – that's the magic of Wee Bit Innocent™. And for those who prefer cool tones, the beauty of Wee Bit Innocent™ lies in its color-changing ability. Plant it in acidic soil and watch the blooms transform into a captivating shade of blue! This versatile hydrangea from Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs offers season-long beauty and easy care for any garden.

White hydrangea flowers in a clay pot

Fairytrail™ White Cascade Hydrangea

Transform your porch or patio with enchanting Fairytrail™ White cascade hydrangea. This dreamy hydrangea brings a touch of romance and grace to any outdoor space, with graceful arching branches overflowing with blooms in early spring. Fairytrail™ White is a patio superstar, thriving in containers and spilling out over the sides of pots for a truly whimsical display. It’s also a low-maintenance hydrangea and great for busy gardeners. It tolerates many conditions, flourishing in full sun to part shade and efficiently handling heat. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the effortless elegance of Fairytrail™ White cascading over your patio all season long.

Close up image of pink, blue, and purple hydrangeas

Let's Dance Sky View® Bigleaf Hydrangea

Let's Dance Sky View® bigleaf hydrangea features a breathtaking display of soft pastel blooms that resemble a gentle sunrise. Depending on your soil pH, the mature flowers will showcase breezy shades of blue, pale pink, or light lavender, creating a truly personalized performance in your garden. This hydrangea is a reliable bloomer, too, thriving in both hot and cold climates, ensuring a season-long display of color. Nestle it amongst other flowering shrubs or hydrangea companion plants for a dazzling combination. Let's Dance Sky View® is a versatile bloomer that adds magic and wonder to any garden or landscape.

White puffer fish flowers in a sunny garden

Puffer Fish® Panicle Hydrangea

Puffer Fish® panicle hydrangea is an easy-care shrub and an actual garden champion, rewarding you with a mesmerizing display of massive, fluffy blooms that last from summer through fall. Perfect for gardeners of all experience levels, Puffer Fish® thrives in full sun to part shade and adapts to a wide range of soil conditions. But the real magic lies in its blooms. The show starts with a breathtaking display of pure white flowers, then transforms into a captivating lime green spectacle as summer progresses. Consider adding Puffer Fish® hydrangea to your garden this year, and watch the blooms keep your garden looking fresh all summer.

Up close image of green hydrangea flowers

Fairytrail™ Green Cascade Hydrangea

The beloved Fairytrail® series of cascading hydrangeas welcomes a dazzling newcomer: Fairytrail® Green. This hydrangea extends the blooming season, boasting refreshing lime-green blooms that light up your landscape in the spring. Fairytrail® Green's compact form makes it versatile for container plantings and hanging baskets. Imagine its arching branches overflowing with blooms, creating a whimsical, cascading waterfall of soft green flowers at every node. While this heat-tolerant hydrangea can handle the afternoon sun, it thrives with dappled shade in the hottest parts of the day, ensuring maximum flower power throughout the season.

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