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Wee Bit Giddy bigleaf hydrangea has abundant mophead blooms of a deep saturated red-pink.As the flowers of Wee Bit Giddy bigleaf hydrangea open, they reveal a perky white eye in the center.
Wee Bit Giddy® Bigleaf Hydrangea
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Wee Bit Grumpy Bigleaf Hydrangea has pink or deep purple blue flowers depending on soilWee Bit Grumpy bigleaf hydrangea boasts a very dwarf, compact size that fits anywhere.
Wee Bit Grumpy® Bigleaf Hydrangea
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Zinfin Doll Panicle Hydrangea has stunning pink or purple blooms.A close look at the mophead blooms of Zinfin Doll Panicle Hydrangea showing the unique color transition from white to pink.
Zinfin Doll® Panicle Hydrangea
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