Hostas prefer to be grown in average or fertile soil as long as it stays moist and is well-draining.


Hosta plants thrive in shade (< 4 hours sun) to part sun (4-6 hours sun). Morning sun and afternoon shade are ideal for hosta plants, especially in hotter climates.


Hostas have average water needs, and once established, they have some tolerance for dry shade (particularly plants with thick leaves). The soil should not dry out for the best growth.


In spring, a light fertilizer can be applied around the emerging hosta. However, it may not be necessary if your garden has fertile soil.


Slugs lay their eggs in dead hosta foliage, and removing leaves after frost will deter slugs from returning in spring. Cut the foliage back in late fall, but leave 4-6 inches standing to protect the crown over winter. In cold climates, spread an extra layer of mulch (2″ thick) for added insulation.

Maintenance & Pruning:

Hostas don’t require much maintenance, but you can groom plants by removing yellow or dead leaves and cutting flower spikes back as they finish blooming in summer.