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It arrived in good shape but struggled with transplanting. It is trying to recover still, weeks later.

Flowered quickly, arrived in great condition

I know the quality of a shipped item is more a reflection on the transportation company than the company you buy the product from, I feel it necessary to mention that my plants arrived in great condition. There was a lot of care put into making sure they arrived in good condition. I bought 4 plants, 2 of them started flowering just 2 weeks after I planted them. I’m a big fan of this company.

Pink weigela

My plants died within a week of planting them

Very unhappy

I have never had this happen before. Two plants of the three I purchased. have lost all their leaves and have not recuperated! Very sad! And expensive!


These tree came super fast and very well package. I can not tell you enough how beautiful these trees are. I didn't expect them to be as big as they were for the price and they are super healthy. I would highly recommend and I will be purchasing from this place again. Thank you so much!

I would of submitted a photo, but it wouldn't let me. These trees are 3ft+.

All good

i bought 12 of this and they all came in in good condition when they arrived. and I planted them on 8-20-2022 and they all did very well. but the only thing is they did not bloomed. but they are in good health. hope and pray they will bloomed next year. and i will all ways come back get buy more from Geat Garden Plants.

I never received it!!!!

Time Will Tell . . .

I just placed an order for some more of this plant. We've had some on one side of our front porch for years and have loved them, they are very showy and have done great. Last year we decided to take out a different version of Hydrangea that was in front of the house and to replace them with these - the first ones I ordered (came in gallons) they arrived, looked great and have done well - in the fall we decided to add on some more, by then only the quart size was available, they arrived small, struggled and then every one died, one by one, side by side. So I'm ordering more to replace them and are hoping that these will be better and will work out better than the last batch did, if not I won't re-order them again.

Love My New Black Cat Pussywillow!

We received our Black Cat Pussywillow it came it great shape, we planted it back in August and it has grown 2 to 3 times bigger than when we received it! We just moved to our new home 2 yrs ago and we have always had pussywillows. The price was great, the shipping was fast and we received quality bushes! We will order with Great Garden Plants for any future purchases we make.

Japanese stonecrop

I planted a dozen of these last fall under a birch tree where they get lots of sun. They were doing so well I wanted more! They arrived looking fragile and we have a severe drought. So I planted all nine in an old dishpan and watered them regularly. After a month they were ready to go in the ground, where they are thriving. I'm very happy with them.

Very pleased!

We bought 36 American Pillar Aborvitae around June and all of them are doing very well and showing good growth already. Very pleased. We will hopefully buy more next year.

Superior quality

Bought six mini hostas for front bed. Packaging was superior and ensured full integrity of plant quality. Will definitely order from here again!

It hasn't bloomed yet. Have to wait til next year.

Hello! Thank you for leaving a review. When transplanting young plants from a nursery pot to a garden, the plant allocates more energy to root development instead of shoot development (above ground). It's important for them to develop a robust root system so they can actually absorb the nutrients and water in the soil around them. Then after their root system is more developed they'll invest in their shoots and flower development. They generally spend their first year growing roots in their new home, the second year they have more energy to put into growth, and the third year, they are growing and flowering vigorously. This applies to plants in the garden center as well as plants you purchase online. We hope this helps. Happy Gardening!

Barely Surviving

Leaves have died, branches have budded for several weeks, I'm waiting for the buds to open up..

Hello! We're sorry to hear that you're having some trouble with your new plant. We'd be happy to help you figure out what is happening. Please email a photo of the plant to, making sure to put your order number and name in the subject line so that we may provide the best assistance possible. Rest assured, we do have a 60-day guarantee on all of our plants. Happy Gardening!

Steady As She Goes , so far so good!

Doing great! Very healthy Plant.

Plant arrived in excellent condition. I planted it immediately, and it is doing fine.

Glad I purchased it..

They arrived in great condition and are doing fine.

Hidcote Lavender

It’s doing very well with TLC.😊

Not the best shape

I ordered Red Creeping Thyme and when it arrived it was not in the best of shape. It ended up dying a few days later

Hello! We apologize you received your plants not up to our standards. As we try our best to provide exceptional service, some factors like shipping and handling are outside of our control, and issues like this can sometimes happen. Please email pictures of the plant to, making sure to put your order number and name in the subject line so that we may provide the best assistance possible. Rest assured, we do have a 60-day guarantee on all of our plants. If you received your plants within that timeframe, we will be happy to apply your warranty once we receive the pictures. Happy Gardening!

Still growing in the fall

They arrived healthy and are looking good. I can't wait till they bloom in the spring!

Threadleaf Bluestar

love your plants

Can’t review it until it blooms. Growing well at present

Way smaller than expected, but growing

Ordered the 1 qt plants because that was all that was in stock. I was shocked at how tiny they were! But, I put them in the ground in May and 4 months later they have definitely grown and all 3 have their 1st flowers. Hopefully they bulk up a little next year. (Excuse the weeds - haven’t done a fall clean up yet!)

Shadowland® 'Hope Springs Eternal' Hosta